Cenotype remix featured on the FREE T-Faktor ‘Bricks & Thunder’ e.p.!!



format: MP3 – date: November 2009

T-FAKTOR is a side project of Benjamin DeWalt (a.k.a. DJ HELLRAVER) of the hard hitting industrial power noise phenomenon know as TERRORFAKT.
“Bricks and Thunder” is a free release previewing 3 T-TAKTOR tracks from the upcoming T-FAKTOR release “Bricksplitter” plus some amazing remixes.


  1. Bricks and Thunder
  2. Derailer
  3. Go On Home
  4. When Spirits Collide (remixed by Cenotype)
  5. Beneath (remixed by The Carapace – featuring Josh from scrap.edx)
  6. Beneath (remixed by c2)
  7. Go On Home (remixed by LAN Formatique)
  8. Bricks and Thunder (shithouse remix by Caustic)
  9. Beneath (remixed by The Vomit Arsonist)
  10. Bricks and Thunder (remixed by HEDORAH)
  11. When Spirits Collide (remixed by Nau-Zee-auN)
  12. Derailer (derailed by synnack)
  13. Bricks and Thunder (reimxed by Jeye)
  14. Beneath (remixed by Prometheus Burning)
  15. Derailer and Beneath T-Mashup (mashed by Concrete Cookie and the Maggot Farmer)
  16. When Spirits Collide (remixed by Freeze Etch)
  17. Derailer (remixed by c2)
  18. Beneath (remixed by Wilt)


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