Hi Again, All of you beautiful people

So, I have been ignoring this site and the time has come to make this the new home for Cenotype.  I have been trying to use all of these other “social networking” sites to keep people filled in about info on this project.  While I will continue to do this, I think it’s only logicaal that Cenotype.com be the epicenter of all of the goings-on of this project.

Hopefully, we can all start coming here for any and all info on Cenotype.

I will continue to post Cenotype updates on the Myspace, Facebook and Vampire Freaks sites for now, but would love to condense everything down to here.

I have some great plans for this site, like some new image galleries for both the promo and the live photos and hopefully a functional Store where you can all come to buy Cenotype merchandise, like the Origins full-length, the various t-shirts, stickers, pins, side-projects, Remix CDs, etc.

You heard it here first.